Hi! I’m Art Pennom

I write and curate this site, TankOnFire.com. I live in South Florida with a wonderful wife and kids. I hold down a normal, grind of a 9-to-5 (sometimes 7 – 9) job, like most of you. I prefer Apple to Microsoft, iPhone over Android and wine over beer (although I’m happy to drink both). Pasta carbonara is God’s gift to food. Now you know almost everything about me.

Life is steaming along WAY too fast so I’m trying to jump off the train as much as possible and smell the roses. This site is the result of my frequent jumps but instead of roses, I’m smelling the fresh, beautiful scent of incredibly landscaped (a/k/a aquascaped) aquariums. It’s my meditation, my zen place.

Rather than taking long strolls amongst thick forests or awe-inspiring mountain scenes (there aren’t many of those in South Florida), I stare into the eyes of nature through nature aquariums. A nature aquarium captures the soul of nature within the small, glass confines of an aquarium. Lay people call it landscaping an aquarium. Those that have found the beauty of nature aquariums call it aquascaping. I call it an art (no pun intended).

Tank on Fire is focused on learning, together, the art of aquascaping. I give my thoughts and perspectives. I analyze and question. Together, we look critically at aquascapes created by artists and see what they intended (or didn’t intend) and how they achieved their purpose.


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